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Basic policy on handling of personal information

EYS-STYLE Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "this company"), along with complying with the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws, will handle personal information such as customers' names, sexes, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.(information which can identify a particular person) according to the basic policy outlined below.

Regarding the collection and usage of personal informatio

Personal information offered to this company by customers at the time of membership or workshop application will be used for purposes within the scope described below, and the personal information will not be used for purposes outside this scope without the agreement of the customer.

  1. 1. Providing information about this company's products or services
  2. 2. Providing information about seminars planned or sponsored by this company
  3. 3. Registration and delivery of email magazines issued by this company
  4. 4. Offering subscriptions to items published by this company
  5. 5. Usage or supply of customers' personal information for statistical data when the information cannot identify a particular person.
Regarding supply of personal information to third parties
  1. 1. Cases in which the customer gives permission
  2. 2. Cases in which personal information is entrusted, within the scope of the purposes of use, to contractee companies who have entered into a contract to preserve confidential information (delivery companies, printing companies, etc.)
  3. 3. Cases of providing personal information which comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws

Apart from the cases above, the personal information provided by members and participants will never be given to a third party.

Regarding the release, revision, or deletion of personal information

This company will handle the release, revision, or deletion of personal information of members that it possesses, if requested, to a reasonable extent. If release, revision, or deletion of the information is desired, please contact the company. Upon confirmation of the customer's identity, the company will, if necessary, handle the release, revision, or deletion within a reasonable timeframe.

Contact for inquiries

If customers have any comments or questions regarding the handling of personal information, please use the inquiry form.
*This company may revise its privacy policy. In that case, a notice will be posted on our homepage.